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1. Students must arrive at our Centers only 10 minutes before classes commence and wait quietly, not on the road but at our Centers courtyard. Within our Centers grounds, students are obliged to treat their fellow classmates with courtesy and their teachers with respect. Students musn't arrive late to classes resulting in class interruption.

Maximum allowed absenses: 2

2. It is strictly forbidden to write on walls and desks, to vandalise the building and destroy any of our Centers property (desks, chairs etc).

3. Consumption of food and drinks is forbidden in class.

4. Tuition fees must be paid in advance every month, except if there happen to be serious economical reasons.

5. Students will not be accepted if they :

  1. Systematically don't study and don't do the homework they are asked.
  2. Systematically disturb during class.
  3. Continuously stir up trouble with other classmates.
  4. Don't obey their teacher in class and disrupt the normal class conduct in any manner.

We have the right to dismiss students who do not keep to the rules and regulations of our Centers.



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