Pre-Junior Study Programs
These courses apply to children aged 6 and 7 and their aim is to learn to appreciate the language after following the specific children's program LINGUA.

Children Study Programs
These courses apply to children aged 7 to 10. They learn the language in the most updated yet pleasant manner after following our programs which include various activities such as: flash cards, coloured screen, songs, video. These courses run 3 hours weekly.

Teenage Study Programs
These teenage courses thoroughly prepare our pupils so that they reach examination levels. The programs run 3 to 4 hours weekly. The teaching methods are designed in such a way that children can obtain the required knowledge for each level in the most pleasant and efficient manner.

Adult Study Programs
These are the adult programs that were created to cover the needs of all adults who, for professional or personal reasons, want to learn a foreign language and to obtain a particular Degree/Certificate. They are usually intense crash course programs and allow adults, within 2-3 semesters to complete preparation and achieve Degree/Certificate attainment level.

Study Programs for Professionals
These study programs for Professionals are applicable to all languages taught at our Centers and are directed to all professions. They are crash course programs with the aim to specialize our students in their requested language and in their line of work.

Study Programs for Hotel Employees
These study programs for hotel employees are specially formulated programs. Beyond learning the selected language, hotel employees are taught particular vocabulary that they need according to their line of work. These are also intense crash courses.

Study Programs for Businessmen
With the incentive to cover the needs of businessmen in learning a foreign language, our Foreign Language Learning Centers 'La Lingua' created particular crash course programs, which are based on the LINGUA system. These programs give adults the opportunity to learn, within a very short period of time , the language they request.

Study Programs for/on Tourism
The nature of tourism creates in most cases the need to learn beyond the language. For this reason, our Foreign Language Learning Centers 'La Lingua', through our specifically designed programs LINGUA, have created particular courses for employees in tourism which specializes in terminology according to the nature of their business.

Crash Course Programs-bimester (Gold 1)
All adult courses are based on the educational program LINGUA. They are intense crash courses named "Gold". "Gold 1" is a 3-month program with 70 tuition hours in total. Through these programs, candidates can follow three Gold 1 courses as to achieve Degree or Certificate in Language Learning attainment level.

Crash Course Programs-trimester (Gold 2)
All adult courses are based on the educational program LINGUA. They are intense crash courses named "Gold". "Gold 2" is a 2-month program with 60 tuition hours in total. Through these programs, candidates can follow three Gold 2 courses as to achieve Degree or Certificate in Language Learning attainment level.

Crash Course Programs: 5-week (Rapid)
These programs have been created to serve adults who wish to learn some basic speaking skills on the selected language as to be able to communicate on professional or recreational trips. These are 5 week programs with 40 tuition hours in total.

Specialized Programs
Within the scope of applying language learning programs, at our Foreign Language Learning Centers 'La Lingua', we give both children and adults the ability to substantiate specialized programs when there are particular needs of candidates, such as: preparation for studies abroad, private tuition etc.

Terminology Programs
At our Foreign Language Learning Centers you can follow terminology programs. These programs have been implemented at our Centers as to prepare candidates for Universities abroad as well as Professionals who, due to the nature of their business, need to be familiarized with some specific terminology.(lawyers, doctors, physicists etc)

Classic Programs
Classic programs refer to all courses which run throughout the entire academic year and usually cover a levels' syllabus. The programs run 3 to 4 tuition hours weekly.

Within our educational framework at 'La Lingua', we organise seminars, on a regular basis, for students as well as for parents. The aim is to keep both students and parents updated on various issues such as: how to study at home according to the new educational programs. We believe that students, parents and teachers should co-operate well as it is the cornerstone in our students' education.

At our Centers we have organized libraries . Our students are able to choose, among our book selection and according to their interests, books on literature, science fiction etc. We believe that reading foreign language books help students assimilate the language as well as enriching their vocabulary.

Free Photocopies
All our students who follow either the classic or crash course programs receive free photocopies in each class with notes on every lesson that takes place. This way, all students can create a file easy in use and make reference to any time when wanting to recall something. In cases where students are unable to attend classes, these photocopies are held at our offices at their disposal. They are able to take and read them before the next lesson so they can ask any questions they may have.

College Activities
Within our educational framework, our Foreign Language Learning Centers 'La Lingua' organize throughout the academic year various college activities such as: Theatrical performances, Educational excursions etc. The aim of these activities is the embedding of the language, taught to our students, in a pleasant and effective manner.

Recreational Activities
We also organise various recreational activities, such as: daily excursions, parties etc, wanting to come closer to our students. We believe that our students should be able to trust our teachers and these events help build up student-teacher rapport.

Information for Professionals
At our Centers we are able to prepare specialized vocabulary according to the needs of your profession. These professionals groups are formed regularly and the aim is to learn specific terminology, so that there is a strong buildup in communication skills at your place of work.

Educational Trips Abroad
Our Centers organize various educational trips abroad giving students the opportunity to follow an educational program at Colleges in countries requested. This enables students to practice the language in its natural place of origin. These trips are organized exclusively at our Centers.

Educational and Recreational Trips Escorted by Us
Usually, after following crash course programs, educational and recreational trips are organized. These trips are organized at our Centers with the aim to familiarize our students with the culture and traditions in the country of preference. At the same time, they are able to practice the language in its place of origin. The participants on these trips are accompanied throughout the vacation by a selected escort from our Centers.

Information and Preparation for Colleges Abroad
Private Colleges abroad organize language learning programs for foreign students. We have the ability to inform you on these programs as well as making any arrangments, according of course to your personal selection of country, period and duration. Though these programs, students are able to practice the language and to become aquainted with the culture and traditions of the country, at hand.

Information and Preparation for Universities Abroad
Parents who have decided that their children will study at a University abroad may come to our Centers for information. We have the ability not only to hand out any needed information but also to stand by you from the beginning until the end. We can assist you in selecting a University in the country that you choose and prepare any matriculation forms required. Most importantly, we help prepare candidates through our crash course programs in language and terminology of chosen course.

Organizing and Sending Forms to Colleges and Universities Abroad
At our Foreign Language Learning Centers, we have the ability to keep you fully updated on Colleges and Universities abroad. If you decide to send your child abroad to follow any educational program, we will assist you by informing you on required registration materials and attend to all required procedures to secure candidates' acceptance at any College or University selected.

Assistance in Course Selection Through UCAS (Foundation Course)
Course and Studies selection in England can be quite tedious for both parents and candidates. Therefore, at our Centers we assist you in making better choices, by co-operating with UCAS. At our Centers you will find all information required on schools, study and living expenses, and generally any inquiries on studies abroad.

Possible Provision for Accommodation
Through our cooperative framework with various Universities abroad, we can organize candidates living arrangements in their chosen country. Upon arrival, we ensure that they do not face any of these matters. We arrange it so that they can stay either at University dormitories or with hosting families, according, of course, to personal preferences. Our aim is to allow candidates to adjust smoothly in the new environment.

Information on Every Examination. Level of Chosen Language
Hard work and study is usually rewarded by earning some Degree/Certificate. You may be updated, by our co-ordinators, on which Degrees/Certificates you may obtain, according to your level. Generally, you may be informed on all Degrees/Certificate attainable at all levels in the chosen language.

A Full Coverage of Material for Worldwide Recognized Diplomas from Institutes in All Degrees
At our Centers we attend in educating our students and covering all the syllabus they need, as to take part in examinations at all levels, for the recognized Certificates of Institutes. This is done through our educational programs and fully equipped classrooms.

Informing and Cooperating with Parents
We believe the best way that we can carry out our educational pursuit, is by co-operating well and informing parents directly on their child's progress. For this reason, we try to keep in contact on a regular basis with parents and co-operate on any problem that their child encounters.

Student's Progress Report every 15-days
Every 15-days, we keep parents updated on their childs' progress, so that we can review students development and moreover, to anticipate any downfalls in any areas. Parents are able to pass by and receive written teacher's comments regarding their childs' progress, by our co-ordinators.

Report Card every 3 months
Every 3 months, parents receive their childs' report card. The aim of the report card is to grade the children as well as encouraging them to boost up their weak areas.

Certificate of Attendance for every Level and Language
After terminating a program, all students receive from our Centers a Certificate of Attendance which certifies the level that they reached in their requested language.

Ratings test in each Language
All new candidates who are unaware of their level are placed into a group after having sat a ratings test in their selected language.

Abundant Teaching Aid
At our Foreign Language Learing Centers "La Lingua", we offer modern and regularly updated teaching aid (acoustics, cassettes, video, audio, projectors, slide projectors, computers and transparencies). We use these means to accomplish pleasant lessons for our students while making lessons easier.

Audiovisual aid
Our teaching methods at "La Lingua" are not traditional. Our regularly updated teaching methods include books accompanied by audiovisual material. This way, our teaching methods are effective, and we never fall into the trap of boring students.

Teachers use transparent film to design lessons in their own individual manner, making lessons easier for children to learn.

Overhead Projectors
Overhead projectors are machines that project transparent film and are one of the visual aid used at our Centers.

Slide Projectors
Slide projectors are machines that project coloured pictures in large focus, used for speaking exercises. Through this projector, students aquire various ideas from the coloured pictures which they exercise speaking skills of chosen language each time.

Language Learning through Computers
At our Centers, students are able to exercise languages through the use of computers. They use the carefully chosen program Multimedia at their individual level. These programs are specially designed and students are taught grammar and vocabulary through the magical world of computers.

Many of our students often come to us inquiring about various issues in the field of education . We try solving these issues by giving them information from the Internet.

Language Learning through Computers
At our Centers, students are able to exercise languages through the use of computers. They use the carefully chosen program Multimedia at their individual level. These programs are specially designed and students are taught grammar and vocabulary through the magical world of computers.

Wireless Acoustics
Another teaching aid used at our Centers is wireless acoustics. Our students are able to listen to cassettes or watch videos in a close circuit so that they are isolated from exterior interferences.

Open and Close Circuit Video Room
In a specially arranged area, our students are able to watch videos which supplements the syllabus at their level. Their viewing can be in an open or close circuit.

Open and Close circuit Audio Room
Exercising listening skills in a foreign language is very important for improving pronunciation. For this reason, at our our Centers we have designed an area in stereo sound where our students have the ability to listen to texts in the language they are taught. This can be done in an open or close circuit.

Waiting Lounge
Our waiting lounge is built for students who are waiting for their class to commence, with safety. While waiting they are able to read foreign language magazines. Parents who are unable to pick their children up on time, are able to inform our co-ordinators so that their children can remain there after their lesson.

Comfortable Classrooms Fully Equipped
If you come and visit our Centers, you will find that they comprise of comfortable classrooms, fully equipped so that teachers can use all teaching aid and students can learn effectively.

Groups Strict to Few Members
We believe that it is important that groups be restricted to few members only, so that our educational task can work effectively. We are absolute in this matter as it is one of our Centers basic principles.

Specialized Teachers with Experience in Foreign Language Education
We take care in having teachers with experience in foreign language education. Furthermore, they are people who are dedicated in what they do. You may refer to them for any questions that you may have. They are people who share their knowledge and assist you in any educational problems that you may have.

New and Updated Systems of Teaching
The Director of Studies at our Centers continuously keeps updated on all new programs and systems of teaching, which he implements at our Centers They are both the most updated and suitable systems of teaching according to the needs of our students.

The application of Our Effective La Lingua System of Teaching
Through years of research and hard work, we created the specialized systems of teaching "La Lingua". These have been implemented at our Centers and offer our students the ability to learn, intensly but also effectively, the language that they select.

Information Expressed by our Co-ordinators
On coming to our Centers, our Co-ordinators are at your service They are prepared to give out any information that you inquire, in the best possible way.

Pleasant Environment
We believe that we have created a pleasant environment for our students. At our Centers we offer great hospitality to all students (minors and adults) who wish to learn a foreign language.

At our Centers we offer our students insurance covering accidents, upon commencing lessons.

Seminars by Family Counsellors on Child Psychology Problems
At our Centers we organize, on a regular basis, seminars by family counsellors because we believe that approaching children can often be difficult. This is done as to keep teachers and parents informed on various issues that relate to child psychology. In this way, we believe that we accomplish a better co-operative cycle between parents, children and teachers.

How do we create the weekly tuition program?
At our Centers we have the ability to designate the weekly tuition program (according to hours and days) with you, so that it suits all group members. We take into consideration other obligations and probable difficulties that you have. After enrolling we invite you to talk about any problems that you may have concerning the program and we will try to do our very best to serve you.

Tuition Fees-Ways of Payment
Tuition fees are set according to the language, level, and hours which candidates follow. At our Centers we have created alternative forms of payment, and you can select among these according to the program you wish to follow .


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