Within our educational framework, we believe that teaching must expand further from classrooms thus, our Foreign Language Learning Centers "La Lingua" organize annually various recreational activities such as:

1) Daily excursions
2) Theatrical performances
3) Feastivities
4) Seminars
5) Party

Daily Trips
La Lingua Party Time
Excursions Abroad

We give you the opportunity to follow some educational programs at Colleges in countries that you select. The aim is to exercise the language in its natural place of origin while binding vacation and tourism as well.

Through these trips our students have the opportunity to meet people of the same age group, participate in all college activities, as well as taking advantage of their stay based on preparative lessons for probable future studies.

Students may choose to stay in college dormitories or with hosting families. Various daily activities are organised throughout the week.

These specific educational programs, according to selected country, are arranged as packets for 2-4 weeks stay and include lessons, educational material, full accommodation, excursions, sport and recreational activities, airfare tickets, airport tax, travel expenses to and from the college, insurance and full informational material. Prices are arranged according to period/season and currency value at that time.

Educational Excursions

The purpose of these trips is to practice the language, which was taught, in its originating country as well as giving our students the opportunity to become aquainted with the customs, traditions and culture of the people. The demanded use of the language on a daily basis enable students to make substantial improvements in speaking.



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